Promotions are typically run to increases sales or turnover by giving a cheaper sell price for a period of time before reverting to its normal price. Usually the supplier will offer you a deal during the same period to support your promotion.

The system allows promotions to be set up as special events for the purposes of reporting and tracking. This is done using the Promotions function. This allows you to enter the details of the items that are in a promotion. You can set the various deals that you are getting from the supplier and the promotional sell price.

When the deals and promotions are due to begin, you can press a button on the Promotions function to move the costs and sells to from the promotions system to the items system. This will generate promotional cost and sell records in the Items function, just as if they were manually entered. Note, that once the details are moved you will need to change those cost and sells records in the Item function. Changes made in the Promotions system can't be copied over again.

By setting up promotions, as opposed to simply entering the sell price directly against each item, you can do special promotion processing. For example, there are a variety of reports which can be printed showing the special promotion details. You can also get trading statistics by promotion. This allows you to monitor the success of your promotion.

An extra feature that the promotion system offers is the production of a promotional sales catalogue. As you enter the item you will be asked for page number and position of the item in the catalogue, as well as whether or not an image is required. You can use this in conjunction with your advertising company to work on the layout of the catalogue.

The reports that are available include:

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