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Promotions - Basic

Figure: Example Promotions Screen

A promotion consists of a group of items, from the same supplier and manufacturer, which will be reduced in sell price for a period of time. By entering promotions into a special form, the system can track the promotion, generate claims for promotions and automatically process the promotion data into the required areas.


A description about the promotion.


The date the sell price will start/end.

Catalogue Distributed

The date the catalogue was distributed to potential customers.

Advise Stores

The date that stores were advised on the promotion.

Costs Created

The date that the cost records were moved to the Items function.

Sells Created

The date that the sell records were moved to the Items function.

Store Comments

These comments will print of the Location Promotion Report for the stores to see.

Head Office Comments

These comments are for general for head office.

Promotion Groups

The same set of items may be on promotion at many stores. However, the actual sell prices may be slightly different at different sets of locations. A promotion group allows you to set up a group of locations that will have the same deals and sell prices. As you enter an item, you will specify a promotion group. The same item can be entered many times, once for each promotion group.

To set up a promotion group, you enter a short code and a description. In the Group Locations section, you can enter the locations which are in this group. You can set up as many groups as you require.

Group Code

A short code for this group. The code must be unique within this promotion. When you enter an item you will be asked for this group code.

Group Name

A name, or description, for this group.

Group Locations

These are the locations that are within the highlighted promotion group. You should only enter locations in one promotion group that can be treated the same, that is will get the same deal and will have the same sell price.

As you enter an item, you will be asked for a promotion group. The system will then take the first location in the group and use this to get the current cost and sell details for the item.


The code of the location that is in the group.


A name of the location.

There are buttons at the top of the window to control the promotion. Special buttons include:

Press this to update the current costs and sells for the items in the promotion. This allows you to pick up and new details which may have occurred since the promotion was first entered.

Press this button to take a snapshot of the items in the promotion as they are right now. You can do this as many times as you want during the cycle of setting up a promotion. As part of the snapshot you can tell the system you want to do something special with the items. The following options are available:

Release promotions to store

Click this option to indicate the stores are now advised of the promotion.

Create promotion costs/sells

Click this option to indicate that the system should move the cost details over to the Items function.

Create promotion sells

Click this option to indicate that the system should move the cost details over to the Items function.

Once these options have been used once, they cannot be used again.

Press this button to generate tickets batches for the items/locations in this promotion. A popup window will be displayed asking for the location for which tickets need to be generated. If you enter a location group (NOT a promotion group), tickets will be generated for all locations within the group.

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