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Purchase Order - Fashion

If the Fashion Items option in System Settings is checked on, the data entry for items is slightly different. When you press the new button to add a new item, the system will display a dialog box asking if you want to add a single item or family of items. If you select family then you enter the family code. When you press OK the system will display a grid as follows:

Figure: Example Create Family Screen

The varieties/colours are listed down the screen while the size/fit combinations are listed across the grid. You can enter a quantity in each cell which is the quantity to order of that colour/size/fit. The Show Data option allows you to view the current quantities or the stock on hand. (Stock on hand is shown for info purposes only.)

When you press the OK button, the system will add the items with a non-zero quantity to the purchase order. If you click on an item in the purchase order and it belongs to a family group, this same window will be displayed again with all the items in the family group. You can edit the quantities as required.

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