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Purchase Orders - Additional

Figure: Example Purchase Orders Screen

Supplier Quote#

If the supplier gives you special pricing for this order, they may provide you with a special quote number which can be entered here.

Commercial Ref#

If you have a commercial arrangement with the supplier, you can enter the reference number here.

Deliver To

By default the ordered items will be delivered to the Location entered for this purchase order. However, if you need to deliver the actual goods elsewhere, you can use this option. Press the Deliver To button to pop up a new window in which you can enter the name, address and comment for delivery. Note, the buttons at the top of the form. If you have entered a customer number in the Customer field of the main purchase order form, press the Customer button to automatically fill the name and address with the customer's details. If you have entered an Order Number on the main purchase order form, press the Deliver To button to automatically get the delivery address from that customer order.

When you have accepted the address, the address will be shown in a summarised format next to the Deliver To button.

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