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Purchase Orders - Items

This is the list of items that are to be ordered. Items cannot be added to the grid directly. If an item is not associated with a stock area then it will not appear on the purchase order. If an item status is anything other than ‘Available’ then it will not appear in the PO grid.

To enter a quantity to order select the appropriate cell in the ‘Qty to Order’ column and enter the number to be ordered. Pressing 'Enter' moves the focus to the cell below.

Any items without an order quantity will be removed from the PO when the order is sent.

If an item belongs to more than one stock area then it will NOT appear multiple times on the purchase order items tab, however the stock area and location fields will display a * to highlight that the item appears in multiple locations.

Figure: Example Purchase Orders Screen

The details for each item include:

Stock Area

Stock area of the item.

Shelf Location

Primary stock location of the item.


The IPN of the item to be ordered.

Order Code

The supplier's order number for the item.


Our description for the item. This is automatically set by the system.

Purchase UOM

This is the UOM defined on the Items – Basic tab.

Qty to Order

The number of cartons required. Enter the number of cartons to order.


Supplier status of the item.

Unit Cost

The expected carton cost of the item. This is the cost as the supplier expects to see it, which in turn depends on whether the supplier includes fees and taxes in their costs. By recording the cost this way we can perform cost checking when the supplier's invoice is received. See Invoice Matching Costs for an explanation on how this cost is calculated.

Line Cost

The total expected cost of the item. This is calculated by the system.

Total Qty

Total number of items ordered.

Total Cost

Total cost of items ordered.

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