A rating can be used for rating items, generally with regard to age limitations. For example, to buy alcohol in Australia you must be 18+ years. In the US, you must be 21+. DVD's also have age related ratings that indicate the preferred viewing age.

Ratings can also be used to ensure the POS operator is old enough to sell the product. For example, to sell alcohol in the UK you have to be 16+. The POS can use the user's date of birth to determine if the operator is old enough to sell the item. If they are not old enough, the POS will ask for the user code of someone who is old enough to sell the item.

You define the rating codes you require and then set the appropriate rating code next to each item. When you sell the item, the POS will do the age check to ensure the operator is old enough. If a message has been set up for a rating, this message will be displayed to the operator.

Only one rating is checked per transaction. For example, you have one item with a rating code A and one with rating code B. When you scan the first item the system will display any messages and check the operator's age according to the rules for Rating A. When the second item is scanned, the system will not do any further checks.

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