Report List

There are a number of reports available in the system. These are listed below:

Access Interface Report

Account Statements

Accounts Interface Report

Aged Credit Note Report

Aged Gift Certificate Report

Aged Trial Balance

Available Items Report

Banking Report

Banking Summary Report 

Belgium Fiscal Report

Blank Wastage Report

Booking Report

Buying Review Report

Category Report

COD Report

Commission Report

Credit Note Redemption Report

Credit Note Report

Credit Note Summary Report

Cumulative Stocktake Report

Currency Rates Report

Customer Item Report 

Customer Order Report 

Customer Visits Report 

Customs Report

Declaration Slip

Deleted Items Report 

Delivery Report

Department Sales Report 

Discount Offer Report

Discount Summary Report

Discounts Report

DynaPOS Keyboard Report


Electronic Audit Report

Electronic Audit Summary Report

EOD Sales Export Report

Float Check Report

Gift Accounts Issued Report

Gift Accounts Outstanding Balances Report

Gift Accounts Redeemed Report

Gift Certificate Redemption Report

Gift Certificate Report

Gift Certificate Summary Report

Goods Receipt Report

Goods Receipt Item Tax Report

High Variance Report

Inventory Order

Inventory Status By Department Report 

Inventory Transaction Summary Report


Invoice History Report

Invoice Variance Report

Item Consumption Report

Item Performance Report

Item Profit By Department Report

Item Quantity By Month Report 

Item Report 

Item Sales By Department 

Item Sales By Hour Report 

Item Sales From Time 

Item Sales Tax Report

Item Search Report

Items Sold Report

Items Sold Summary Report

Layby Report 

Location Discounts Available Report

Location Discount Status Report

Location Item Range Report

Location Item Report

Location Promotion Report

Location Quantity History Report 

Location Stock On Hand Report

Location Till Variance Report

Location Transaction Count Report

Margin By Location Report

Master Catalogue Report

Member Account Transactions Report

Member Performance Report

Member Points Report

New Items Report

Non-Revenue Report

Old Stock Report 

On Order Report

Operator Discounts Report

Operator Performance Report

Operator Sales Report

Operator Split Discounts Report

Order and Goods Receipt Status Report

Order Authorisation Report

Order Sheet Report

Order Status Report

Order Status Report with User

Order Summary Report with User

Order Verification Report

Outstanding Invoice Report

Packaging Tax Report

Picking Slip

PO Authorisation Level Report

Pre-Sale Gift Certificate Report

Price Catalogue Report 

Price Level Report

Price Modification Report

Print Order Report

Profit And Loss Report

Promotion Advertising Report

Promotion Changes Report

Promotion Merchandise Report

Promotion Supplier Report

Proposed Sells Report 

Purchase Order Report

Purchase Order Verification Report

Quote Report

Rebate Claims Report 

Recipe Setup Report

Restaurant Productivity Report

Return Request Report

Returns Report

Sales By Man Hour Report

Sales Movement Report 

Service Status Report

Set Meal Performance Report

Shrinkage Report

Shrinkage Value Report

Stock Adjustment By Trade Date Report

Stock Adjustment Report

Stock Aging Report

Stock Aging Report By GR

Stock Audit Report 

Stocktake Department Valuation Report

Stocktake GP Report

Stocktake GP Report By Category

Stocktake Movement Report

Stocktake Movement By Value Report

Stocktake Variance Report

Stocktake Worksheet 

Stock Valuation Report

Stock Valuation by Trade Date Report

Stock Valuation Summary Report

Suggested Stock Levels Report

Tax Report

Tax Rate Report

Tax Totals By Sales Method Report

Tender By Period Report

Tender List Report

Tender Report 

Till Returns Report

Till Summary Report

Till Tenders Report

Till Variance Report

Till Variance By Period Report

Till Variance History Report 

Time Export Report

Top Item Sales Report 

Trading Period Report

Trading Statistics Report

Transfer Report 

Transfer Request Details Report

Transfer Request Report

Transfer Send Report

Transfer Tax Report

Turn Around Report

TVLA Interface Report

Unallocated Payments Report

Unused Sequences Audit Report

User PO Authorisation Level Report

VAT Report

Warranty Strike Report

Weekly Sales And Purchases Report

Written Sales Report

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Z Read 

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