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Gift Accounts Issued Report

What Is It?

This report shows a list of the gift accounts issued for a location or location group within a specified date range.




What Are The Report Parameters?


The location or location group where the gift accounts were issued. If the location specified is a group, the Separate Locations check box lets you specify whether all the location details are included in a single report or a report is generated per location in the group.

From/To Date

Only gift accounts issued between the specified dates will be included in the report.

Sort Order

Lets you specify the sort order of the report details. Up to 5 different fields (location, date, amount, account code and account number) can be included in the sort string by selecting the field in the combo box on the left hand side and clicking the arrow button to move into the sort order string. The current setting for the sort order will be shown to the right of the arrow button and an English description will be shown above this screen. Adding a field to the sort string removes the field from the list in the combo box.

Pressing Clear resets the sort string to ‘’ and the combo box is filled with all 5 fields again. It is not an error to pass an empty sort string to the report but in this case the records in the report will be shown in whatever order SQL server returns them.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Portrait mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Gift Account Issued Report

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