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E5 Export

What Is It?

This function is used to export stock information to the E5 accounting system in a CSV format. The report can be scheduled using the BE scheduler. The process is called ‘E5 Extract Process’.



What Are The Report Parameters?


The location to run the export for.

Date Range

Date range to output records for.

Extract Code

Each time an export is performed, an entry is made into the E5EXPORT table that holds the range of STOCKAUDIT records exported. By selecting an Extract code, a particular extract can be re-run.

Update Data

If set to true, the data exported will be recorded in E5EXPORT. This means that subsequent exports will continue from the previous export.

Note: The first time the export is run, the export will attempt to run from the start of the data in STOCKAUDIT. It is recommended that the export is run manually for the desired date range the first time, with the ‘Update Data’ flag set to true.

Filename Prefix

The prefix to be added to the output filename for example whsftp2e5_

Note: If running the export by Date Range, the ‘Update Data’ flag will be set to False. It can be set to true again if required.  

The Export process will write the output files into the directory specified in System Settings -> Directories -> EOD Transaction Extract.

Sample Output

Figure: Example E5 Export Output

Record type 01 (Sales)




Record type 08 (Stock Adjustments)




Record type 12 (Invoices)


Record type 13 (Supplier Foundation Data)

13,1,Test Supplier,9 Pioneer Avenue,,Tuggarah,NSW,2259,02 4390 1300,02 4390 1333,adscs@alliancedist.com.au,68 004 316 901,,AUS,AUD,A

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