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Goods Receipt Report

What Is It?

This report will show the accepted Goods Receipts transactions based on the specified location and date range.




What Are The Report Parameters?


Details will be reported for this location.

Date Range

Goods Receipts which occurred within this date range will be reported.

Group by Supplier/GRN

If this option is checked a new report will be enabled. By selecting this option, the ‘Order By’ option will be disabled as the sorting of the new report is fixed to: Trade Code, Supplier Code, Received Date, GRN #, Line Number.

The ‘Summary Report’ option will be enabled, allowing the actual IPN information to be suppressed.

Only use Accepted deliveries If this check box is selected, only accepted deliveries are included in the report. If not selected all receipts are included.
Summary Report If this check box is selected a summary report is generated.
Order By This option sorts the output data in the following way:

Received Date – Received Date, Trade Code, Supplier Code

Supplier Code – Supplier Code, Trade Code, Received Date

Location – Trade Code, Received Date, Supplier Code

Good Receipt # - GRN #, line number

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Goods Receipt Report (Detailed)

Figure: Example Goods Receipt Report (Summary)

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