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Inventory Transaction Summary Report

What Is It?

This report shows summary details of inventory transactions based on a range of dates specified. Reports on the details of specific transactions are usually available in the function where these transactions are created and maintained. The report is a list of header details and includes tracking details such as purchase order or invoice numbers but not the specific line items in a purchase order or invoice. Each time a report is generated, an associated CSV file is created (also in the REPORTS folder) containing the fields in the reports datasets.




What Are The Report Parameters?


The location to report inventory for. If this is a group, a separate report and the CSV file is generated for each location within the group with data.

Date Range

The date range to report transactions for. All transactions between the From and To dates (inclusive) are reported.


All items from this supplier will be printed. If left empty all item items will be reported.

Transaction Types

Select from a list of check boxes which transaction types to include in the report (at least 1 type must be selected). The transaction types supported are: Purchase Orders, Goods Receipts, Invoices (+ Invoice Extra), Transfer Sends, Transfer Requests and Internal Transfers.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Inventory Transactions Summary Report

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