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Order and Goods Receipt Status Report

oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Is It?

This report is similar to the Order Status Report but also includes showing Goods Receipt information on the report.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Commands



oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Are The Report Parameters?


Location or Location Group the report will include in the output.

Date Range

If ‘Show Delivery Window’ is checked off, then the From Date/To Date range is determined by the PO Required By date. If ticked on, the standard Delivery Date range is used.


Only show PO’s raised for the selected supplier.

Show Delivery Window

If checked on, the delivery window (Delivery date from and to) will be shown on the report

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Sample Report

Figure: Example Order Authorisation Report (Delivery Window shown)

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