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Transfer Report

oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Is It?

This report shows all items that had transfers and stock adjustments for a nominated date range. It shows the original location of the item, its destination (if any) and the value of the transfer. The value is based on the average cost of the item. The items are sorted by the original location, the destination location and date of transfer.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Command



oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Are The Report Parameters?

From Date/To Date

All transfers and stock adjustments made during this date range are reported. The date range must be entered.

Transfer From

If specified, only transfers and stock adjustments from this location are reported.

Transfer To

If specified, only transfers to this location are reported. Stock adjustments are not reported because the stock is never sent to a location.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Sample Report

Figure: Example Internal Transfer Report

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