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Layby Report

What Is It?

This report prints all laybys currently in the system. For each layby it shows the items on layby as well as a payment history. The laybys are printed in the order in which they were created. Laybys on the same day are printed in transaction number order.




What Are The Report Parameters?


Only transactions for this location are reported. A location must be entered. A location group can be specified.

Date Range

Only laybys created during this date range are reported.


Only laybys for this customer are printed. If left empty, all laybys are printed.


Only laybys for this operator are printed.

Separate Locations

If this option is checked off (default), the transactions for all locations are shown on the one report. The transactions are grouped by location. If this option is checked on, a separate report is generated for each report.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Portrait mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Layby Report

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