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Master Catalogue Report

What Is It?

This is another type of item/pricing report. It shows basic item description details as well as applicable pricing. It is similar to the Price Catalogue Report but reports pricing for a specific location group only. This is useful to produce price books for 'zones', or groups of similar locations.

If you specified a group location then you will only see items that have a sell price entered for that location. If there is any specific pricing for a location within the group, it will be ignored. If you specified a specific location but you do your pricing for a group, no items will be reported.

The report only shows items that have an active, normal sell price.

Items that other items link to are shown in bold to highlight them.

Column Notes

A sell record for an item can have up to five different sell prices. The High Sell price is the first sell price and the Low Sell is the second sell price.




What Are The Report Parameters?


The location for which pricing is to be reported. This must be entered. Only items that have a sell price for this location will be reported.

Dept/Cat/ Group/SubGroup

All items in the nominated department, category group and subgroup will be selected. You can enter just a department and you will get all items in that department.

Family Group

Only items in this family group will be printed. This does not have to be entered.


Only items which are the same classification as this field will be printed. This does not have to be entered.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Master Catalogue Report

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