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Location Item Report

What Is It?

This report displays performance details for selected items from a location perspective. It is basically a variation of the Location Range Report. For each item it displays cost and sell details, stock and sales performance. The sales performance can be week to date, last week or a date range. This report is useful for store personnel to track item performance. The Item Performance Report is a similar report designed for head office use. The items are printed in department, category, group, family group, description sequence.

Column Notes

Unit Cost is the Last Average Cost or Last Invoice Cost (as determined by the COGS Method on the POS tab of System Settings).

Stock Value is calculated by multiplying the Stock On Hand by either Average Cost or Last Invoice Cost.

Stock Cover is the stock on hand divided by the rate of sale. If the item has linked items, the rate of sale will include the rate of sale of all the linked items.

The Rate Of Sale is the sales over the last thirteen weeks divided by thirteen. Whereas the rate of sale used to calculate the Stock Cover above included linked items, this one is only for the item itself.

The Quantity Sold, Sales, GP and COGS are the values for the selected period.

The % of Grp is the item value divided by the group value.




What Are The Report Parameters?


The location for which performance details are required. If a location group is entered, a separate report is generated for each location within the group. This must be entered.



All items in the nominated department, category and group are selected. You can enter just a department and you get all items in that department.

Family Group

Only items in this family group are printed. This does not have to be entered.


Only items which are the same classification as this field are printed. This does not have to be entered.


Items which are of this grade are printed. This does not have to be entered.

Show Sales For

This section allows you to select the period for which sales performance is to be shown. This can be week to date, last week or a date range. The date range method uses data which is periodically removed from the system. This means that you are able to print the report for only the last few days, not for a date range two months prior.

Show Items With Zero Sales

By default, only items which have been sold during the requested period are displayed. If this is checked on, all items are listed.

Show Stock Items Only

If checked on, only items that are marked as stocked are reported.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Location Item Report

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