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Rebate Claims Report

oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Is It?

A rebate is an amount of money paid to you by a supplier for the purchase of their products (see Deals, Rebates And Claims). This report lists the various rebates that are owed to you. It lists the invoice number, item, rebate description, quantity purchased and rebate due. These details are grouped by supplier. The rebates are calculated based on the invoices which you have entered. The report will only claim for invoices which have an invoice date during the required period and are marked as 'Accepted'. Once the claims themselves have been accepted (using Accept Rebate Claims), the system will not reclaim the details again.

Note: The 'Tax Amt' column is not shown when using a US-style tax system as the tax is calculated for the entire transaction not at item level.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Commands



oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Are The Report Parameters?


The location for which you want to claim the rebates. A location must be entered. This can be a location group.


The supplier you want to run the rebate claims for. If you leave this empty, claims are generated for all suppliers.

Not Supplier

The supplier you do not want to run the rebate claims for. If you leave this empty, claims are generated for all suppliers.

From Date

To Date

The date range that accepted invoices and extra rebates should be checked for. The from date is automatically set to the day after the last date that was claimed and accepted (using Accept Rebate Claims). You can change to an earlier date if you require.

Payment Terms

This allows you to only show rebates which are paid at the same time, for example monthly or quarterly. (Rebate Types is used to determine when a rebate is actually paid.) This must be selected.

Claim Type

This allows you to select a specific type of rebate to claim on. If you leave this empty, all rebate types will be claimed.

Manufacturer Rebates

Usually you will claim a manufacturer rebate directly from the manufacturer. However, in some circumstances you may want to claim the manufacturer rebate from the supplier. This option controls from whom you will claim the rebate.


This indicates whether this is a real claim or simply a report. If you choose the Claim option, the system will only show those details which have not previously been claimed. The system will hold these details for you to accept (using Accept Rebate Claims). If you choose the Report option, the system will show you all details for the date range regardless of whether the details have previously been claimed or not. You cannot accept these details.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Sample Report

Figure: Example Rebate Claims Report

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