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Recipe Setup Report

oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Is It?

This report shows the set up of recipes within the system. It lists all the recipe items that match the report parameters. For each item it will show the ingredients in that item. Two types of problems can be identified with recipes. The first problem is 'Loops around'. This means that an ingredient in the recipe is the same number as the main recipe item. If not fixed, this will cause the system to go loop around in circles and eventually crash the system. This is most common when an ingredient is itself a recipe and its ingredient points back to the main recipe item. The second type of problem is 'Too many levels'. An ingredient of a recipe can also be a recipe with ingredients. Those ingredients can also be recipes and so on. This can occur nine times. Any more that this and you will get this problem. Bad items will be shown at the end of the report.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Commands



oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Are The Report Parameters?


All items in the nominated department, category group and subgroup will be selected. You can enter just a department and you will get all items in that department.

Family Group

Only items in this family group will be printed. If left empty, items from any family groups will be printed.


Only items which are the same classification as this field will be printed.  If left empty, items from any classification will be printed.

Item Number

The specific item to be printed. If left empty, all items will be printed.

Report Costs For

Location and From Date must be entered to show costs.

Include meal items and modifiers

If selected the report includes meal items and modifiers.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Sample Report

Figure: Example Recipe Setup Report

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