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Sales Movement Report

oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Is It?

The Sales Movement Report shows the faster or slowest selling items for a selected date range. The items to be reported are determined by the quantity sold. Zero items are not included. Once selected the items can be sorted by a number of options including quantity, GP$ and GP%.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Commands



oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Are The Report Parameters?


Details will be reported for this location.

Date Range

Sales which occurred within this date range will be reported.


Only items for this supplier will be printed. This does not have to be entered.


Only items for this manufacturer will be printed. This does not have to be entered.


All items in the nominated department, category, group and subgroup will be selected. You can enter just a department and you will get all items in that department.

Movement Type

You can choose to view the fastest or slowest selling items using this option.

Items To Show

This is the maximum number of items to be reported, for example Top 10.

Sort Order

You can use this option to choose how the items should be sorted on the report.

Separate Locations

If checked on, a separate report will be generated for each location within the location group.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Sample Report

Figure: Example Sales Movement Report

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