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Customer Visits Report

What Is It?

This report will show sales made to customers during a period of time. It does not show the actual items sold, just the value of the transaction. This can be used to determine frequency of visits.




What Are The Report Parameters?


Details will be reported for this location.

Date Range

Sales which occurred within this date range will be reported.


If this is set, only transactions for this customer will be reported.

Customer Type

Only customers of this type will be reported. If left empty, all customers are reported.

Show Last Visit Only

If checked on, only the customer's last visit will be reported. If checked off, all transactions during the specified date range will be reported.

Save Results

You can save the details of the reported customers for use in mail merging. This setting is the name of the file to store the results in. If left empty, no mail merge file will be created.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Portrait mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Customer Visits Report

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