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Commission Report

What Is It?

This reports shows commissions payable to salespeople depending on their sales. (See Commissions for more details on how the commission system works.)

The report will be grouped by location code. Within each location, each user will be listed. For each user, the system will show the type of commission paid, and amount paid. It will also show the total ex-tax sales, inc-tax sales, gross profit and quantity sold for all items that were included in that commission type. Totals are shown for each user, location and for the report.

Note: In a location group supporting US-style taxes only, the column including taxes is hidden but in a location group which contains at least 1 VAT-style tax system the column is shown.




What Are The Report Parameters?


Only sales made in this location are processed for commissions.

From Date To Date

Only sales made during this date range are processed for commissions.


Only sales made by this user are processed for commissions.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Commission Report

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