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Required Programs

At the most basic, you simply copy all of the programs listed below onto all computers. In reality, there is not much point in having head office services distributed on all the clients. The exact programs to be placed on specific computers will vary depending on the required functions. The reason it can vary is that on a client, you may only want the bare minimum of programs so the system doesn't waste time upgrading programs which aren't required. On a POS for example, you would typically only have DynaPOSTouch.exe, MerchantPOS.exe and possible MerchantReportManager. On a back office workstation you would have the data entry programs as well. The download directory also contains a number of files with a bpl extension. All of these files should be copied to the same directory where any executables are placed. Without them, the executables will not be able to run.

The programs can be split into three basic groups as listed below. Note, not all available programs are listed below. The ones listed below are considered core programs. Which programs are not listed? Specific programs developed for our clients, utility type programs like DBISAMViewer and SQLUtility, replication/file transfers, and so on.


These programs do not require direct connectivity to the database. They connect to MerchantCentralServer.exe using an http or IP address. These are functions that are typically invoked from the menu. All of these programs can also be made available on servers as well.

  • DataEntryBasic.exe

  • DataEntryInventory.exe

  • DataEntryItems.exe

  • DRSUpdater.exe

  • DynaPOSTouch.exe

  • ImportItemData.exe

  • InitDRSSystem.exe

  • MainMenu.exe

  • MerchantLocalServer.exe

  • MerchantPOS.exe

  • MerchantInterfaceProcess.exe

  • MerchantReportManager.exe

  • MerchantStats.exe

  • RequestReportAccounts.exe

  • RequestReportEOD.exe

  • RequestReportInventory.exe

  • RequestReportItems.exe

  • RequestReportItems2.exe

  • RequestReportLoyalty.exe

  • RequestReportUsers.exe

  • DRSBatchRun.exe

Any RequestReport*.exe program is also considered a client program.

Clients (DB Connectivity)

These are client type programs but require a connection to the database for performance purposes. You would typically run InitDRSSystem to establish the connection addresses and InitDRSDBSetup to establish the database connections. These programs would generally run on a workstation connected to the service on a LAN, rather than run from an end-users workstation.

  • InitDRSDBSetup.exe

  • MerchantEOD.exe  


These programs run on the main servers at head office. Clients will not have access to these programs.

  • AlertService.exe

  • B2BService.exe

  • InitDRSDBSetup.exe

  • MerchantCentralServer.exe

  • ReportAccounts.exe

  • ReportEOD.exe

  • ReportInventory.exe

  • ReportItems.exe

  • ReportItems2.exe

  • ReportLoyalty.exe

  • ReportUsers.exe

  • StatisticsService.exe

  • TillIncomingService.exe

Any Report*.exe program is also considered a server program.

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