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Required Stock - Order Audit

Figure: Example Required Stock Screen

Required Items

These are the item that are required for the location. Most of the information shown here is simply for information only.


The number of the item that is required.

Stock On Hand

The stock on hand at the time the transaction was created.

On Order

The on order quantity at the time the transaction was created.

Cartons To Order

This is the actual number of cartons that the system will order.

Suggested Cartons

If the transaction was generated as part of suggested ordering, this column will show the cartons originally suggested by the system.

Ctn Size

The carton size of the item at the time the transaction was created.


The description of the item that is required.


The expected supplier for this item.

Rate Of Sale

The rate of sale used to calculate the Minimum and Maximum stock levels. This value is recorded against an item when the Suggest Stock Levels process is run and the Minimum/Maximum quantities are updated. It is shown for audit purposes only. The rate of sale includes any use of the item. If you have an ingredient item that is used in multiple recipes, this number will include the usage of the item in sales of those recipes. If the item is sold in one location but stocked in another, the stocked location will show the usage of the item, regardless of where it was sold.

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