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Re-Routing Printers

Sometimes a printer may break down, or a POS is not turned on. What happens to the receipts? You need to be able to re-route the receipts to a different printer.

When you define your receipt and kitchen printers on the Till Devices tab in Tills, there is an option called Alternative Device Code. If you set this code to the code of another printer, POS will know to where the receipt should be re-routed.

The re-routing occurs under these circumstances:

1. When one POS is turned off and another POS wants to print to a printer attached to that POS. This happens automatically. The second POS can't make a successful copy of the receipt file and so will re-route the file.

2. A printer is broken or turned off. If you are using printers connected directly via a com port with hardware handshaking (rather than through a Windows printer driver), POS will detect the printer is not working and re-route it automatically.

3. Manual intervention. Sometimes the kitchen may not be very busy and you want to reroute traffic from one printer to another. The user must tell the POS to which the printer is attached that the printer is not available. The POS will then be able to redirect the receipt to the alternative printer. In order to have this functionality you need to modify the POS keyboard. There is a new button called DEVICES which you can add to the Supervisor keyboard. When you press this button, POS will display a list of printers attached to that POS. You can then press a button to toggle a printer on or off. Note, if you restart POS you will need to use this function to turn the printer off again. The info is not stored across restarts.

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