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Available Items Report

What Is It?

This report shows the items that can be added to purchase orders. Two versions are available: The Manual Available Items Report version is only generated when the setting in Locations/Inventory Reports is set as Manual Available Items Report and the AvailableItemsManualTemplate.RTM template file is in the correct directory, otherwise the standard Available Items report is generated.

The Manual Available Items Report version is intended to be the primary paper based store order sheet. Once completed, the required quantities would be entered into the relative purchase order via the item grid.

What Are The Report Parameters?

Purchase Order #

Only items for this purchase order are shown.


Only items for this supplier are shown.


Only items for this location are shown.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode for the original report that includes the minimum and maximum stock quantities and in Portrait mode for the manual entry version.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Available Items Report

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