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Stocktake Worksheet

What Is It?

The worksheet is a list of items that need to be counted for a stocktake. It can only be produced from the Stocktake form. It lists the items in the current stocktake batch in department, category, group, description order. It shows the description and the IPN for each item. Where possible, the expected number of items will also be reported. This is not possible for recipe items or linked items. (In these cases, multiple related items will be printed but since the stock is only kept against a single item, the system cannot determine the various counts for each item.) A column is also provided for the user to write the stock count in. In the case of linked items where multiple related items will exist, the count for each of the specific items should be entered. The system will convert these back to the single stock holding item. For example, if you count two cartons of beer and four six-packs, enter two against the carton and four against the six-pack. The system will automatically convert this to 72 singles.

What Are The Report Parameters?

There are no parameters since this report is produced automatically as part of the stocktake function.

Paper Requirements

This report prints on A4 paper in Landscape mode.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Stocktake Worksheet

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