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Till Returns Report

What Is It?

This is one of the reports that are generated as part of the Z-Read. It shows items that have been returned. The items are grouped by the operator who made the transaction. These are further grouped into the location at which the transaction was made. It shows the quantity and value of the returns for each item. Totals are given for each operator and location. Note, in this case the sales does include the tax. This is to make it easy to check that the return was done at a different value to the sell price.

What Are The Report Parameters?

There are none because the report is generated as part of a Z-Read.

Paper Requirements

If the Z-Read is run from a DynaPOS that has an attached receipt printer and Reports To Receipt Ptr setting in Till is checked on, the report will be printed to the receipt printer in a special condensed format to fit on the paper roll. Otherwise, all details are printed on A4 paper in Portrait mode to the default system printer. Even if the till read is printed to the receipt printer, it will still be available as an A4 report in Report Manager.

Sample Report

Figure: Example Tills Return Report

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