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X Read

oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Is It?

X-Reads and Z-Reads perform similar tasks. They both report the amount of money in a till. The difference is that a Z-Read will report the amount and then clear the numbers, the X-Read reports the amounts and does NOT clear the numbers. This means that multiple X-Reads can be done during trading hours. A Z-Read is only done at the end of a shift. Therefore the amount reported on the Z-Read report should agree with the amount of money in the till.

The report shows the transaction details for each till. Each till is divided into three sections - Summary, Drawer/Till Totals and Transaction Detail.

The Summary section shows a summary of sales, returns, cancelled sales, cancelled items, discounts, account payments, and so on. The Drawer/Till Totals show the amount of each tender type expected in the drawer. When the money in the drawer is counted, it should match these details. The third section, Transaction Detail, reports each tender type. For each tender, it shows the number and value of transactions, including sales, returns, exchanges, account payments, and so on.

The Till Reads (both X and Z) can generate additional reports to the standard till read. These include:

Till Department Sales

The total sales for each department.

Till Operator Sales

The total sales for each operator.

Till Returns

The details for each return made in the sale.

Till Tender List

The details of individual tendered amounts. Only specified tenders are listed.

Non-Revenue Sales

The details of gift certificates and other non-revenue items sold.

Items Sold Report

The details of individual items sold.

Items Sold Summary Report

The details of items sold. Unlike the Items Sold Report, the item is shown only once with the total quantity sold.

You can control which of these reports will print for X and Z Reads using the options on the Defaults 2 tab of System Settings. Different reports can be generated for X and Z Reads.

When an X-Read is done, the till read is displayed to the screen for the user to check. Z-Reads do not do this.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) What Are The Report Parameters?


The location to generate the till reads for. If this is left empty, all locations will be reported. If you are using management areas, you must enter a location code.


The till within the location to generate the till reads for. If this is left empty, all tills within the selected location will be printed.

Trading Date

The trading date that this till read is being generated for. This is used for statistical reporting. It will default to the current trading date.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Paper Requirements

If the read is run from a DynaPOS that has an attached receipt printer and Reports To Receipt Ptr setting in Till is checked on, the read will be printed to the receipt printer in a special condensed format to fit on the paper roll. Otherwise, all details are printed on A4 paper in Portrait mode to the default system printer. Even if the till read is printed to the receipt printer, it will still be available as an A4 report in Report Manager.

oragball.gif (997 bytes) Sample Report

Figure: Example X Read Report

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