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The POS can be interfaced with scales for use in a grocery store. This lets you weigh items such as fruit and vegetables at the POS, and sell them for the appropriate price.

The scale is defined as a device on the Till. This lets the POS know there is a scale attached and available for use.

Weighable items are set up with a Unit of Measure of KG or LB. The sell price for these items are set so they represent the price/KG or price/LB.

DynaPosTouch caters with the tare weights defined on the backoffice. If an item has an associated tare weight group with a number of available items for example SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE, then when a weighed item is scanned, the operator will be presented with a list of tare weights which can be selected. The weight of the selected item will be automatically deducted from the total weighed. If only one tare weight is associated with a group a list will not be presented. Instead the weight will be automatically deducted. In addition if a tare weight percentage has been associated with an item it will be automatically deducted after any tare weights (if applied). Tare weights are set up first of either the type WEIGHT or PERCENTAGE, that can be automatically deducted from a weighed item at point of sale. Tare weights of the type WEIGHT need to be grouped together using the tare weight group maintenance module, before being applied to an item via the Advanced tab.

The department in which the item belongs, must be configured with its Weigh At POS option checked on. This allows control over which weighable items need to be weighed. For example, items in the fruit and vegetable department would need to be weighed at POS but items at the delicatessen will be weighed there and do not need to be weighed at the POS.

If you are in the UK, the customer display for the POS should be set to use 'POS 20 UK Scales'. This presents the customer data in a format suitable to meet market regulations.

You can add a MANUAL WEIGHT button to the ITEM_TRANS state on the POS keyboard. This lets you manually weigh an item if the interface from the scales to POS fails to work. The user can select this option, add the item to the transaction, put the item on the scale to get its weight, then manually enter the weight into POS. The MANUAL WEIGHT button is a toggle button - you press it once to enter the manual weight mode and then press it again to exit the manual weight mode.

If you are not allowed to add weighed items to a return transaction, you should checked off the Allow Return Weighed Items option on the Profile - Settings 2 in Till.

If you are not allowed to discount weighed items, you should check off the Weigh Items In Discounts option on the Profile - Settings 1 in Till.

If you are not allowed to manually weigh items, you should select Do NOT allow manual weight on the POS 3 tab of System Settings.

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