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Sell Prices

Sell prices work similarly to replenishment details. The two basic types of sells are Normal and Promo (which are added automatically by the Promotions system). Other sell types, for example temporary price reductions, can be defined using the SellType codes.

Once the location/date/sell type is entered, the system automatically calculates the landed cost (see Cost Components) as of the sell price's effective date. This cost is used to calculate margins used when entering the sell prices. You can set the sell price by dollar value, margin % or margin dollar.

You can define up to five sell prices for each sell record. You could use the first sell price as the price for most customers and second sell for special member prices.

Sell records are not created automatically by the Host Update, but the Schedule Processor can be set up to propose sell prices for upcoming Normal cost changes (see Proposing Sell Prices).

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