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Separate Eat In/Takeaway Items

One of the benefits of using Sales Methods is that you can set up one item for both the eat-in and takeaway items. However, some companies like to set up one item for each sales method. In this case, they don't want to specify they are making an eat-in or takeaway sale, the selection of the item indicates this. You can do this and still get the other benefit of Sales Methods (reporting, statistics, and so on). You need to decide how to identify these items. They must have a common identifying factor. For example, take away items might have a department code of 'AWAY'. Items can be identified by a common department, category or classification. Once you have established the code to be used, you can enter it in the Takeaway Items section in the POS 3 tab of System Settings. As sales are processed, any items with the nominated code will be assumed to be a takeaway item and will have their sales method set accordingly.

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