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Serial Numbers

Serial numbers can be printed on tickets generated as part of a stock ticket batch. Using the Label Designer, you can add the following information to a label. (The name in brackets is the name of the field in the dropdown combobox in Label Designer).

You can also use one label field that joins this information together. This is the 'Serial - Full' field.

The serial number information can also be printed as a barcode. In the Label Designer you would add a field called 'Barcode - Serial'. The format of this barcode is an EAN128 format. It basically takes the information from the 'Serial - Full' and uses this to generate the barcode.

You can scan this barcode at the POS, and the system will automatically add the item to the transaction and select the correct serial number.

You will most likely need to make adjustments to your scanner to use these barcodes. A scanner will usually recognise Code128 barcodes but will need to be told to specially treat Code128 barcodes as EAN128 barcodes. You'll need to refer to your scanner manual for details on how to do this.

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