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Set Meals

Set Meals are used in restaurants and fast food outlets to group items together. For example, you may have an item called a BURGER MEAL which consists of a BURGER, FRIES and a COKE. You can sell each of the items individually at a certain price, or you can sell the BURGER MEAL consisting of all of those items, at an overall cheaper price. For example, the BURGER, FRIES and COKE might total $6.00 but the BURGER MEAL is priced at $4.50.

When the item is sold, the sales are recorded for the Set Meal item. Stock will be decremented for the items that make up the Set Meal. This is similar to Recipe items.

An additional feature of a Set Meal is that you might want to replace one of those items with another item. For example, you want to change the COKE to a FANTA, or upsize the FRIES to SUPERFRIES.

How Do I Set Up The Set Meal Items?

First of all you need to set up each of the individual items. Use the Items function and set these items up just like any other normal item. They should have a cost and a sell. They can be recipe items if you want.

Note: You cannot use modifiers on set meal items.

Now set up an item for the set meal, for example BURGER MEAL. This item will not need a cost but should have a sell price. On the Set Meal tab, check on the This is a set meal checkbox. In the top grid, enter the individual items that make up the set meal, for example BURGER, FRIES and COKE.

The Set Meal can now be used at POS. When you add the Set Meal to the sale transaction, POS will show the Set Meal item with its price. Underneath that item will be listed the individual items. They will be displayed like modifiers on the Set Meal item.

How Do I Set Up The Replacement Items?

When you set up a Set Meal, you want to be able to replace one item with another. For example, the Set Meal may contain a COKE. This could be replaced with a FANTA, LEMONADE or ORANGE JUICE. Each of those replacement items should be a separate item, just like the COKE. As you set up each main item to be included in a Set Meal, you can specify what the replacement items are for that item. When you set up the replacement items, you normally include the main item itself as one of the replacement items so you can change the item back to itself, for example COKE-> FANTA -> COKE.

For each replacement item, you can indicate how the sell price should change. You may not change the sell price at all, for example COKE -> FANTA would normally not change the sell price. Or you may change the sell price by the difference between the original item and the replacement item.

See Items for more info.

What If The Set Meal Can Only Be Sold At Certain Times?

The default behaviour is that a Set Meal can be sold at any time, just like a normal item. However, you may have a situation where the item can only be sold at certain times (date range, time range, days of week). You can use the Set Meal Availability function to control when a Set Meal can be sold. If you do this for the Set Meal is always available checkbox.

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