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Shelves - Shelves

This tab shows you which shelves are in a location. You cannot add a shelf directly. The shelves are loaded when the Load Shelves For Location button on the Basic tab is pressed.

Figure: Example Shelves Screen

The grid shows the details about the shelves, the sequence the shelves would be examined in if you were to walk through the store, shelf code and the type of shelf. The main information is available by double-clicking on a shelf in the grid (or by pressing the edit button above the grid). This will display the Shelf Details window, which will show you the actual items on the shelf.

The Shelves with IPN option allows you to find the shelves that a specific item is on. Enter the item number and press the button. Only shelves with that item on them will be displayed in the grid.

Press the button and all shelves will be re-displayed.

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