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System Settings - Inventory Reports

Figure: Example System Settings Screen

Always print Currency Code on PO

If checked on, the currency code will always be printed on the Purchase Order even if the currency is the same as the location.

Print Location Tax Numbers on PO

If checked on, location tax numbers are printed on the Purchase Order.

Support additional tax details

Indicates whether the new reports should be available. If the check box is selected, when the user loads a PO / GR in inventory and selects Print, another version of the report to choose from is shown. The new option is Purchase Order (or Goods Receipt) with Tax Details. If the report with tax details is selected, extra columns are included in the report to show the base carton cost and the tax rate applied to the line entry.  

Tax Details

5 lines for tax detail information.

PO Notes

15 lines for notes for the PO.

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