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Statistics Entry - Basic

This function allows you to enter various statistical information such as wages and sales.

The screen is divided into several sections. Each section should be entered in the sequence indicated.

Step 1. Select Detail Level

This section allows you to select the level for which the statistics need to be entered. These include including Location, Department, Category and Group. Statistics cannot be entered for Subgroups or Items. The levels are distinct from each other. If you enter statistics at the department level, the system will not automatically add these together to give a total value for the location. The reason for this is that some users may want to track some statistics for the entire location and a selected number of (but not all) departments.

Step 2. Enter Selection Criteria

This section allows you to enter selection details for the statistics you want to record.


The code of the location. If this is a group, the system will display all locations within the group.

Department/ Category/Group

The department, category or group you want to enter statistics for. If you indicated you wanted to enter statistics for the Category level and you only entered a department code, the system would display all categories within that department.

Period Range

The periods for which you want to enter statistics. The system will display each period within the selected range.

Date Range

The date range for which you want to enter statistics. You must have daily statistical periods set up in order to be able to enter numbers for dates. The system will display each day within the selected date range.

Note: You can only select statistics for a period range OR date range, not both.

Step 3. Get Details

Press the Get Details button to tell the system to find the data that matches the selection criteria. Once the information has been retrieved it will be displayed in the details grid in the bottom half of the screen. These details can be modified as required. Once the details are complete, press the Save button. If you don't want to save your changes, press the Cancel button.

Detail Grids

This section is populated with data once the Get Details button has been pressed. The system will display a row for every unique location/ period that met the selection criteria. You can see all details on one tab (All) or you can select a specific tab to see a subset of data.

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