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Stock Bays

If you are in a warehouse, you will have stock bays in which you place your stock. Even if you are at a store, you may name your shelves so that you can find your items more easily. (Shelves provide another way of recording this information for stores.) You can record which stock bays an item has been placed in. As stock is placed into a bay, you would record the bay number. When all stock has been used in a bay, you would record the fact that the item was no longer in the stock bay. Note, this is simply recording the bay where an item can be found. It doesn't not record the quantity in the actual stock bay.

When you want to update the stock bays you create a Stock Bay transaction using either the back office or a PDA. The transaction simply lists the changes you want to make to the stock bays, for example add/delete, item number, bay number, and so on. An item can be located in multiple stock bays at a time. When all changes have been entered, you Accept the transaction. This will process each record in the transaction and update the items to show which stock bays they are currently in.

You can see the current stock bays for an item in the Location Item screen. You highlight the required location and press the Bays button. This will display a window showing the stock bays. You cannot edit the stock bay directly, you need to use a Stock Bay transaction.

When you print the picking slip from a Transfer Send transaction, the system will sort the items by the first stock bay they are recorded in. If an item exists in more than one stock bay, the system will group the item by the first (alphabetically) stock bay. The remaining stock bays are listed next to the item.

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