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Stock Entry Setup - Available Columns

This tab allows you to select which columns will be imported. The list on the left shows the columns that are available for importing. The list on the right shows the list of columns that are going to be imported. Use the arrow buttons to move columns between the two lists.

Figure: Example Stock Entry Screen

The following is a list of the columns that can be used in an import file. You will generally need the Item Number or Order Code and the Quantity column. If you are using a keyboard scanner, you don't need the Quantity as it is assumed to be one for each scan of the item.


The barcode of the item.

Batch Code

If using FIFO, the batch code of the item.


The number of cartons of the item. Usually the Quantity column would be used.


The date the items were loaded.

Expiry Date

If using FIFO, the expiry date of the items being imported.

Item Number

The IPN of the item.


The location the items are being imported for. Usually only required for transfers.

Location From

The location the items were transferred from. Usually only required for transfers.

Order Code

The order code of the item.


The number of units of the item.


This is usually the carton number for an item. You would only use this if you record multiple cartons in your transfers.

Serial Number

If using FIFO, the serial number of the item being imported.

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