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Stock Entry Setup - Entry Method

This function allows you to set up how data is to be imported for the transaction from where this function was started. For example, if you were in the Goods Receipt process when you clicked the Import button and then the Setup button, these details tell the system how data will be imported for the Goods Receipt function.

Figure: Example Stock Entry Screen


This option means that you will enter the data manually in the grid. You can use any of the available columns with this.

Comma-Delimited File

This option allows a comma-delimited file to be imported.

Default Directory

Base directory to find the comma-delimited file in. Whenever you do an import, the system will show you the files in this directory.

Merchant PDA

This option allows you to import data that was originally loaded with a Merchant PDA.

Keyboard Scanner

This option allows you to use a keyboard wedge scanner. Each scan of an item will add the item to the grid.

Torex Handheld Terminal

This option allows you to connect a handheld scanner running the Torex Visual Handheld terminal software. You need to select which comm port on the PC the handheld will be connected to in order to download the stock counts from the terminal.

Nippondso PDE

This option is allows you to use an integrated PDE. You need to specify the Device (currently only Nippondenso is supported).

Comm Port

If using a PDE, this will be the comm port the PDE device is connected to.

Baud Rate

If using a PDE, this will be the baud rate of the PDE device.

Flow Control

If using a PDE, this will be indicate if flow control is used.

Picco HHT Interface

This option will import data from a CSV file (*.CSV) placed in the HHT Import folder (drsapps\HHT by default) using the same format as the Torex HHT.

Set up Location

These set up definitions can be either used for a specific location or by all locations. The system will look for a location specific set up first of all. If it can't find one, it will use the default set up.

This Location

If this set up is for the specific location on the original transaction, check this option on.

Default All Locations

If this set up is for all locations, check this option on.

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