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Stock Locations

A location normally holds its own stock. When you do an adjustment for a location, it will be that location for which the stock on hand figures are adjusted. However, you might have two locations that share the same stock, for example two bars within a pub venue. In this case you can set up one location to say its stock comes from another location. Any stock adjustments from purchases or sales for either location will only adjust the stock for the one location.

But what if the two bars had their own stock for most items but shared the kegs of beer? Instead of telling the system that an entire location gets its stock from another location, you can tell the system that certain items are shared. For both locations, you tell the system that they update their own stock. For one of the locations, you can enter items (by department, category, group, IPN, and so on) that need to be updated at another location. If fact using this approach, you can tell the system that some items are stocked at one location and other items are stocked in another location.

These details are all set up on the Inventory Locations tab of Locations.

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