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Stocktake - Basic

This function allows you to perform a Stocktake.

Figure: Example Stocktake Screen


The location at which the stocktake is to be performed.

Stocktake Date

The date for which the stocktake is being performed. It is only used when the stocktake is accepted and shrinkage statistics are recorded.

Stocktake Type

There are four types of stocktakes as follows:


A 'Store' stocktake generates a set of items to be counted BEFORE counting starts. When counting is complete the count is entered against the existing item records. Items are generated for a selected department, category and group which may result in a lot of items being listed. All items in the list must be counted. If an item does not have a stock count entered, its stock is set to zero when the stocktake is accepted. The 'Store' stocktake is used in supermarkets, bottle shops and stores and simply lists all items stored in the location.


A 'Bar' stocktake is similar to a 'Store' stocktake in that items are added to the stocktake BEFORE counting starts. However, a bar within a pub is slightly different in that the items are a collection of similar products. For example, an item may be called BASIC SPIRITS. However, the user may have transferred a number of different products from the storeroom to the bar. For example, BARCARDI RUM, JOHNNY WALKER SCOTCH, and so on. When a stocktake is performed it easier for the user to count the separate products (BARCARDI, JOHNNY WALKER, and so on) and have the system convert these to the equivalent collective items (BASIC SPIRITS). This is what a 'Bar' stocktake does.


A 'Direct' stocktake is equivalent to a 'Store' stocktake but does NOT add items to a stocktake before counting starts. You manually add the items to the stocktake as you count the stock. This type of stocktake is useful when you want to spot check an area within a store.

Bar Direct

This is a combination of a 'Direct' and 'Bar' stocktake. You only need to enter the items which you actually counted but the system will take care of converting the counted items to actual items stocked, just like a 'Bar' stocktake.

Generate Items For Stocktake

This button is only available if the Type of stocktake is 'Store' or 'Bar'. In these types of stocktakes, the system needs to generate a list of items BEFORE counting starts.

Refresh Stock Levels

This button is only available if the type of stocktake is 'Store' or 'Bar'. When this type of stocktake is started, the system will immediately get the current stock count and cost for each item which needs to be counted. However, when trying to reconcile stock variances you may find that some information, for example an invoice, has not been entered. In this situation, you would save the stocktake details, enter the missing information and retrieve the stocktake. At this point in time the stock on hand still reflects the value when the stocktake was first generated and does not include the new information. You can press this button to force the system to get the stock on hand and cost for all the items in the stocktake. This button can be disabled via checking the Prevent Refresh Of Stock When Counted check box in System Settings System 2.

This process can be automated and run automatically as a scheduled job. When run as a scheduled job, the Auto Refresh Stock Levels screen is not displayed, and the processing occurs with no user interaction required. The process can be scheduled from a command line or batch file by using the following command:


The second parameter ‘A’ defines that the process is being run as a scheduled job, and suppresses the display of the Auto Refresh Stock Levels screen. Status message screens are displayed as the stock levels are refreshed for each stocktake.

Get Current Stock

This button is only available if the type of stocktake is 'Direct or 'Bar Direct'. When you have finished entering the items that were counted, press this button to get the current stock on hand and cost information for the items.


The status of the current stocktake. The system will update the status automatically as you create, and prepare the stocktake. The status codes are:


Indicates a stocktake has been created but not yet printed.


The Generate button has been pressed and the stocktake items prepared.


The Accept or Hold button has been pressed and the stocktake has been finalised. Details cannot be changed.


The user who created the stocktake, and the time when the stocktake was created. This is set automatically by the system.

Authorised By

The code of the user who authorised the transaction when it was accepted.

There are buttons at the top of the window to control the transaction. Special buttons include:

Press this to accept the stocktake. At this point the stock on hand figures are set to the stock take figures for the location. No further changes can be made to the stock take after it has been accepted.

Press this button to hold the transaction. This is like accepting a stocktake in that the stocktake cannot be altered anymore but it does not actually adjust any actual quantities. Holds the stock take for information, but does not change any stock on hand figures in the database. No further changes can be made to the stock take once it has been held. 

Press this button to import items from another source (handheld, spreadsheet and so on). See Importing Data for further details.

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