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Stocktake - Items

Once Add Items has been selected on the Basic tab then the items will be available on the items tab. Items may appear multiple times in the grid because of alternate UOM’s and because items can belong to more than one stock location. The count field is blank by default as the count field is where the actual count is entered. Items cannot be deleted from the stocktake but items that are not linked to any of the stock templates can be added by selecting the add item button. This will launch the standard item search screen.

Figure: Example Stock Take Screen

Go To Item

Used to search for a specific item in the grid.

Note: It will only find the first instance of the IPN in the grid. If it appears multiple times you will need to scroll through the grid to find other instances manually.

Stock Area

Stock area associated with the item.

Shelf Location

Stock location associated with the item, this can be either the primary or secondary location.


IPN of the items.

Order Code

Order code of the item.


Our description for the item. This is automatically set by the system.


Count UOM of the item, there may be several instances of the item for a stock area/location, the purchase UOM and all alternate UOM’s will be displayed.


Number of items counted. This field will be blank by default and is a decimal field allowing up to 2 decimal places.

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