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Stock Template - Details

Initially no items are displayed in the grid. Select an area from  the Stock Area To Display and press the View button. Add a primary location by selecting the appropriate cell for the item and enter the Primary Shelf Location code

Figure: Example Stock Template Screen

Remove Item from Stock Area

Removes the highlighted item from the stock area. It will only remove the item from the current stock area, any other stock areas the item belongs to will be unaffected.

Go To

Used to search for a specific item and takes you to that line in the grid.

Stock Area to Display

Populates the grid with the items that are linked to that stock area.

Filter by Shelf Location

Allows filtering by shelf location to view only items with a specific primary or secondary location.

Stock Area

Stock Area


Item product number.

Supplier Code

Supplier the item belongs to.

Order Code

Order code of the item.


Dept/Cat/Group/SubGroup linked to the item.


Description of the item.

Purchase Unit

Purchase UOM linked to the item on the item setup Basic tab.


Status of the item, this relates to the item’s supplier status in item setup (STRSTATUS in the RANGE table). There are 7 statuses available:

Available, Deleted, Indent, Obsolete, Pre Sell, Run Down, Superseded.

Where an item is available then no message is displayed in the status field.

Primary Shelf Location

This is the main shelf location of the item within the stock area identified by a number.

Secondary Shelf Location

This is the alternate shelf location of the item within the stock area. This is an optional field.

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