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Suggest Stock Levels

Figure: Example Suggest Stock Levels Screen


The location to calculate the numbers for. If this is a group, levels will be calculated for all specific stores within the group.

Where Variance > %

This is a percentage variance. It the variance of the current stock level and the new calculated stock level is greater than this value, the new calculated stock level is recorded. If the variance is less than this number, the stock level will not be changed.

Calculating stock levels is not an exact science. You are basing it on historical sales which you are hoping will be maintained in the future. You are basing it on stock cover levels you believe to be sufficient. So if the calculated stock level is only 2% different to the current number, it is not really worth recording this new number and making the system work harder than it needs to.

Seasonal Period

The period you want to use for the seasonal adjustment. The system will look for a seasonal adjustment where the from and to period range covers this requested period.

When run as part of an EOD process, this can be scheduled to be a relative period ($THIS_WEEK) instead an absolute period (2012.14).

Sales Period

The sales period range to find sales for. This is used when calculating the rate of sale. The range of weeks depends on the type of goods being sold. Some items work better using a thirteen week range, others work better with a two week range.

When run as part of an EOD process, this can be scheduled to be a relative period ($LAST_WEEK-12 to $LAST_WEEK) instead an absolute period (2012.02-2012.14).


The department/category/group/subgroup the item belongs to.

Family Group

The family the item belongs to.


Used to classify similar items, for example Normal, Generic, Black and Gold, and so on.

Order Category

The order category the item belongs to.


The code of the supplier you want to get the goods from.

Item Number

IPN of the item.


Items To Be Ordered

This set of options simply controls the items that we want to calculate the stock levels for. You can enter as many criteria as you want.

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