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Suppliers - Accounts

This tab allows you to view the accounts for this supplier. When a new supplier is added, the grid will be empty until the supplier is saved. The system will then automatically create the supplier accounts. There are basically two accounts that are created, a Supplier Credit Account (shows what we owe the supplier for purchases) and a Supplier Debit Account (shows what the supplier owes us for rebates). However, the exact number of accounts that will be created will depend on how locations are set up. Do you have one account for all locations or one account per location? For more details see Accounts.

Figure: Example Suppliers Screen

Press this button to view the account details of the account highlighted in the grid.


Account Type

The type of account. For a supplier this will be either a credit account, showing what we owe the supplier, or a debit account, showing what the supplier owes us.


The location that this account is for. If this is a location group then it is an account that will be shared by a number of locations. The system will set this automatically based on the way the locations are set up.

Location Name

The name of the account location.


The current balance on the account.

Credit Limit

The limit, if any, on the account.

Term Code

The payment terms for this account.


The checkbox will be checked on if the account is currently active.


The checkbox will be checked on if the account has been disabled.

G/L Account

The General Ledger account code used for this supplier account.

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