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Suppliers - Advanced

This tab will allow you to set up more advanced details for a supplier.

Figure: Example Suppliers Screen

Tax System

The tax system that this supplier operates under. This will default to the Tax System set up on the Defaults tab in System Settings.

Primary Currency

The code of the currency that the supplier will provide their costs in. This will default to the default Currency Code 1 set up on the Defaults tab in System Settings.

Parent Supplier

The code of the supplier that is this supplier's parent. Currently used for information purposes only.

Liquor #

If the supplier sells liquor they may need a licence. This is the supplier's liquor licence number.

Load Costs%

If you make cost information available to salespeople at the POS, you may find the salespeople sell the product at a price just above cost, minimising the profit of the sale. You can increase or 'load' the cost visible to the salespeople so the cost appears higher than it really is. The value of this Load Cost% field is how much the cost is 'loaded'.

See Loading Costs for more information.

Finance Fee

No longer used.

Supplier Grade

This simply allows you to group similar suppliers together. It can be anything you want to enter. For example, you may choose to grade by performance or reliability.

Recipient Created Tax Invoice

Checked if you are expecting the supplier to actually produce the Tax Invoice rather than yourself. This should generally be checked off.

Supplier Charges GST

Generally, a supplier will always have to charge you tax. However, if the supplier is another company within your own company structure, you may not have to pay tax. If that is the case then check off this option.

Warehouse Location

If this supplier code represents a warehouse, the code of the warehouse location should be entered here. See Warehouses for further information.

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