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Suppliers - Alert

This tab allows the configuration of the Supplier Alert functionality used in Goods Receipt. The functionality allows automatic emails to be sent to a supplier in the event of discrepancies between the expected received quantity and the picked quantity (pick slip).

Figure: Example Suppliers Screen

Use Supplier Alert functionality

If checked on the Supplier Alert functionality is enabled.

Supplier cut-off time

The latest time of day the supplier can accept variance email.

Accepted values are:

Hours 00-23

Minutes 00-60

Email Header


Email Priority – High, Medium or Low.


The subject of the email.

Subject Body

Brief description of the email (normally used when the Discrepancy report is sent as an attachment).


Received minus Ordered

Select to calculate the variance as Received cartons – Ordered cartons.

Note: In this mode an additional variance column showing Units Delivered - Units Ordered is included in the email.

Received minus Picked

Select to calculate the variance as Received cartons - Picked cartons. Only available when using the Goods Receipt Picked function.

Discrepancy Body


Selecting a tag from the drop-down list will insert it into the Body text.

Tag Name



Location Code


Location Name


Goods Receipt Accept Date


Goods Receipt Accept Time


GR Number


PO Number


Supplier Reference


Delivery Date


Discrepancy Email Body that contains the items that have a variance between delivered and picked quantity. This is controlled by the variance column selection detailed above.

The columns displayed are:

  • OrderCode

  • Description

  • Variance

  • Note

Figure: Example email (Variance column is Received minus Picked)

Figure: Example email (Variance column is Received minus Ordered)

Send report

Check on to send the discrepancy report as an attachment. If checked off, the discrepancy report will be sent in the body of the email, after ‘Subject Body’.

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