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Suppliers - B2B Communications

This tab shows how electronic B2B transaction files will be sent and received for this supplier.

Figure: Example Suppliers Screen


Indicates whether this method is used for sending or receiving files. Values can be SEND or RECEIVE.


The location for which we want to send or receive the file. Since most files are sent via email, you will generally need to set up a record for each location in the system. Supports location groups.

Location Name

The name of the location.

Comms Method

The method of communication. Two methods are available. The first is Email. This means that you will be sending and receiving files via email. B2B Server will automatically take care of the emailing of the files.

The second method is Copy File. This indicates that you will be copying the files from one directory to another. This method only used for sending files. For receiving files it is assumed the files will be copied straight into the B2B directory.

Comms Address

If we are sending the data via email, this contains the email address we are sending to. If we are copying the files, this is the directory we want to copy the files to.

User Code

If we are receiving data via email, this is the user code of the POP3 mailbox we need to check.


If we are receiving data via email, this is the password of the POP3 mailbox we need to check.

Our E-Mail Address

If we are sending data via email, this is the email address used to indicate the sender (basically our email address).

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