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Suppliers - Basic

The Basic tab allows you to set up basic details about the supplier like name, addresses, contact details.

Figure: Example Suppliers Screen

Supplier Name

Name of supplier.


Trading address.

Postal Address

Postal address.


Phone number for order.


Fax number of contact.


E-mail address of contact.


The ABN is the number issued by the tax office for the supplier. If the supplier does not provide their ABN when issuing an invoice, you will need to withhold 48.5% for the tax office.


The BRN is only filled in if the supplier is to be considered its own tax entity within its own company.

Supplier Type

The type of supplier. Broker/ Direct/Manufacturer/Wholesaler.

Preferred Supplier

If selected, products from this supplier are preferred. This is used as part of determining where an item is purchased from. If a product is available from two supplier's the system chooses the preferred supplier first. There is a similar flag against each item. When this checkbox is changed, all items which come from the supplier will change the corresponding flag to the same value. You can then get in and indicate that certain items from the supplier are preferred/not preferred.

Location Supplier

If selected, indicates the supplier is actually another location within the company.

Contact Details

This grid allows you to record the various contacts at a supplier.

Contact Name

This is a list of individual contacts at the suppliers. You can enter as many contacts as you need.

Contact Phone

Phone number of contact.

Contact Position

The position of the person within the company, for example Managing Director. New position descriptions can be defined using the Supplier Descriptions task.

Contact Location

Indicates where the person is. If the supplier was a national supplier, this could indicate which state the contact was in. New location descriptions can be defined using the Supplier Descriptions task.

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