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Suppliers - Cross References

This tab allows you to set up how the supplier details are referenced by other third party systems.

Figure: Example Suppliers Screen

EAN Code

The thirteen digit number assigned by EAN for this supplier.

Supplier Cross-Reference Codes

These are cross-reference codes which allow us to maintain the supplier codes used by the suppliers. For example, you may refer to Coca-Cola Bottlers as CCB, but David’s Victoria may refer to them as 1234. Find the supplier code which will be translated, for example CCB. In the grid you would enter your code for David’s Victoria, for example DVDV, in the Supplier column and 1234 in the Xref Code column. Now the system knows if it is processing data from DVDV and it sees code 1234, it refers to our supplier code CCB. You need to repeat this against each supplier which you may receive in the host file.


This is a number to identify the supplier. It is used in some interface files.


Our supplier code for the third-party supplier.

X-Ref Code

The code the third-party supplier uses for this supplier.

Tax Cross-Reference Codes

Suppliers have their own codes for different tax rates. If you are processing an electronic host file from a supplier, the system needs to know how to convert the supplier’s tax codes to our system’s tax codes. This grid allows you to enter these details. Find the supplier code from which the host file is received. In the Supplier Tax column, enter the supplier’s tax code. In the Our Tax column, enter your equivalent tax code. If the supplier’s tax codes are not entered, the system will leave the tax code empty on any items it loads from a host file. Enter each tax code which needs to be converted on a new line.

Supplier Tax Code

The code this supplier uses for a specific tax.

Our Tax Code

The code we use for the same tax.

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